Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gold in Them Hills...

Well, here it is folks.

Has Gray returned to blogging?....maybe, time will tell.

Sometimes life seems so overwhelming that the idea of capturing even a paragraph of it and confining it to a fixed address in the blogosphere seems like trying to explain how orange feels.

Sometimes life has to just be lived.

My life since last March has been new terrain. Mountainous terrain to be more specific. Lots of peeks, lots of valleys, but an awful lot of just scrambling over rocks trying to get somewhere. There have been a few hellos, but for the most part, goodbyes. Too many for my liking.

Such is life.

You can only do what you can do.

Be kind to yourself.

Above all else: God Grace is enough.

This are the words i have muttered under my breath, sung at the top of my lungs, used to comfort friends, but mostly they have been my consolation when I'm, yet again, weeping in the Father's arms.

I feel as though I am at a crossroads. I'm not sure....of much of anything (other than God's tremendous love). So I'll wait. Wait for the dust to settle in this muddy stream. Wait for the still small voice.

And while i wait?

I'll live.

"Gold in them Hills"- Ron Sexsmith

I know it doesn't seem that way

But maybe it's the perfect day

Even though the bills are piling

And maybe Lady Luck ain't smiling

But if we'd only open our eyes

We'd see the blessings in disguise

That all the rain clouds are fountains

Though our troubles seem like mountains

There's gold in them hills

There's gold in them hills

So don't lose heart

Give the day a chance to start

Every now and then life says

Where do you think you're going so fast

We're apt to think it cruel but sometimes

It's a case of cruel to be kind

And if we'd get up off our knees

Why then we'd see the forest for the trees

And we'd see the new sun rising

Over the hills on the horizon

There's gold in them hills

There's gold in them hills

So don't lose faith

Give the world a chance to say...

A word or two, my friend

There's no telling how the day might end

And we'll never know until we see

That there's gold in them hills

There's gold in them hills

So don't lose heart

Give the day a chance to start

There's gold in them hills...

There's gold in them hills...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Visual DNA

This is a really nifty visual personality test. Just follow the link below and check out the pictures. Click on the one that best discribes your response to the question.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crazy Carpets

oh kraft dinner of the toboggan hill,

you are not classy but you're satisfying.

So, lately I have been moved to take up the crazy carpet as a medium for wintry amusement.

I say "take it up" but really it is closer to RE-taking it up. It's been surreal living around the corner from my childhood home these last 18 months. It stirs all kinds of memories about by gone days. Some of those memories are of hours spent careening down the hill at martello tower. It was dangerous but it was fun.

A couple of weeks ago I bought 5 blue crazy carpets. (5 because you never know when a posse will form with crazy carpeting on the brain) I couldn't wait to try them I didn't. The next day I made my own little run on a hill beside my house. I was amazed at how much fun I had!

I'm sure the people walking by thought I was nuts but I didn't care. Lying on my back starring up at the blue sky, taking stock of the bruises, breathing the cool air I felt care free.

Thanks inner child, that was fun.

How do you play?

Jesus, set us free to play! Break the shackles of false uprightness that hold us back from you. In our joy and play may we glorify you! Teach us to be like little children. Help us to know you as Abba.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nightmare on Fresh Prince St.

this morning at breakfast a friend asked me if i had slept well. i said no, the storm had kept me awake. his response?

"well, if you have nightmares you better pray to God that Will Smith is in them."

thanks buddy, will do.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Explosion on the McKay Highway...

I have a cold. The kind which involves sneezing and coughing. ick.

yesterday morning I awoke to a world blanketed in snow. beautiful, clean, bright....and a pain in the bum to shovel.

After 40 minutes of shovelling I had unearthed the car and was headed out to do the morning drive. Thoughtfully, T. had made me tea in my fav travel mug for the road.

I slipped and slid my way to KV and was headed home when I remembered my tea. It was still warm. I was delighted to find that it was just the right balance of milk, sugar and tea.

I took a huge swig. and at precisely this moment my body, Lord love it, decides that I need to not only sneeze but also cough. I felt it coming, but alas it was too late to do anything.

Tea sprayed EVERYWHERE. There was tea dripping down the inside of the windshield. Tea in the various cubby holes of the dash board. Tea cascading in little rivers off the steering wheel and onto my now soaking leg and moist seat.

with a sense of disbelief and confusion I did the only logical thing I could think of with the tea that had managed to remain (miraculously) in my mouth...I spit it out.

And as the previously warm tea began to chill in the February air, I laughed. I laughed hard and tried to figure out what the heck to do.

I managed to mop up enough of the tea from the steering wheel to stop it from slipping from my hands. laughed a little more and made it home safe and sound.

later I cleaned the car. the dash board has never looked better.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Here's a real life conversation from my lunch today.

(Gray serves lunch... Ham and cheese, banana, cheesies and tea.)


Me- yup. haha

D.-Gray, can I tell you something?

Me- sure.

D.-You're the best high ever.

Me-Thanks D.

D.- I love you, Gray

Me-I love you too, D.

Oh Man I love my life!!!
Hey, if you love cheesies (and other snacks as much as D. does,
check out this site

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm in pain...

...stupid spicy chicken wings.

I don't even like spicy things.

I just couldn't stand the not knowing how spicy they were.

Now I'm feeling this weird burning in my insides.

Once my cousin put my grandfather's arthritis rub on his eye lids.

The burning I feel is not so bad compared to my cousin's eye lid burning.

Gotta keep things in perspective.

And remember that curiosity killed the cat...well gave him heart burn anyway.